IVF Unit

The assisted reproduction unit was established in 2010, and it carries out 40-50 cycles monthly, mostly difficult cases at reduced fees. It also runs many training course and workshops, and grants a professional certified diploma in assisted reproduction.

Maternal-Fetal medicine Unit

The maternal-fetal medicine unit is one that we’re proud of. This unit is very active in training and running courses and workshops all year round and is run by a group of international highly professional professors who are always invited as international speakers, with lots of international publications, and collaborative research with international bodies. This…

High risk pregnancy unit

A highly specialized unit dealing with pregnant women suffering from different medical and surgical complications during pregnancy, whether cardiovascular, hematologic, immunologic or endocrinologic. The unit provides a multidisciplinary service, in collaboration with other medical and surgical specialties.

Emergency Unit

The emergency unit is by far the busiest unit in the hospital, working 24/7. Three years ago, with the help of the civil community, we were able to totally renovate and restore the unit and increase its capacity. Today it includes 93 beds, 6 OR tables, 3 delivery rooms, a 6 beds ICU and a…