Emergency Unit

The emergency unit is by far the busiest unit in the hospital, working 24/7. Three years ago, with the help of the civil community, we were able to totally renovate and restore the unit and increase its capacity. Today it includes 93 beds, 6 OR tables, 3 delivery rooms, a 6 beds ICU and a 6 beds intermediate neonatal care ward. The unit contains its independent services, eg. power supply, sterilization, laundry etc. and actually considered a hospital within our hospital. In April 2020, a state of the art 140 square meters new ER was opened, rendering it the largest maternity emergency unit in Egypt and probably the middle east and Africa, in terms of space, beds, OR and admitted cases. Last year it received around 33,000 patients, with around 19,000 admissions, many difficult and complicated cases, being a tertiary referral hospital.

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