Healthcare Hospitality Program


The purpose of this training program to equip practitioners in the medical field with the necessary soft skills to deal with patients in their workplace, by making them feel welcomed, communicate properly, reduce their stress and fear, catering for their needs, handling their complaints and concerns, and treating them with courtesy and empathy. In short, putting the care in healthcare.

International Accreditation

This program is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality in England. Receiving endorsement recognition from the Institute assures our partners and students that our organization provides the highest quality of training.

This program is the first Egyptian and African to receive endorsement by the Institute.

It was implemented at our department for house officers (three courses), residents (one course) and paramedics (one course).


2 hours
Leaving The Right First ImpressionDressing and Grooming Greeting and SmilingSide Behavior Salutation, Introductory pitch

2 hours
Communication SkillsVerbal Communication Voice ToneBody language Understanding perspectives
4 hoursEmotional IntelligenceSelf-Awareness Self-RegulationEmpathy Relationship Management
2 hoursHandling ComplaintsActive Listening Following-upDealing with Complaints Reporting
1 hourDiscretion and ConfidentialityDemonstrating benevolence Building TrustDiscreet Communication Respecting Patient’s Privacy
1 hourMotivation and Spirit Lifting– Positive Communication with Patients– Employing Humor to Cheer- up Patients
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