Outpatient Clinics

The 3 story outpatient building is one of the largest specialized outpatient clinics in kasrAlainy. In 2019 it received approximately 87,000 patients, and admitted approximately 14,000 patients to the inpatient units. It has 5 obstetrics clinics, 2 gynecology clinics with 5 examination beds, family planning clinic and a high risk pregnancy clinic. It also offers daily outpatient procedures like colposcopy, urodynamic studies, office hysteroscopy and recently a gender based violence clinic (GBV). And we’re about to open a new gender based violence clinic, in collaboration with the national council for women, and in preparation for this clinic we ended a training course on how to deal with those patients medically, legally and psychologically.  

  • Obstetrics outpatient clinics

Working 6 days a week from 9-2 pm, the clinics serve all pregnant women, and provide advanced prenatal care, including prenatal ultrasound and non-stress test (NST). It also provides basic laboratory testing and supplementations for free.

Initially 2 clinics, in November 2020 it expanded to include 3 more clinics, serving about 150 pregnant women daily.

  • Gynecology outpatient clinics

Working 6 days a week and serving about 100 women daily, the 2 clinics (with 6 examination beds) provide gynecologic counseling and investigations, including ultrasound, Pap smear, vaginal cultures and minor procedures under local anesthesia.

  • Office hysteroscopy clinic

Run by professional staff members, the clinic performs around 20 office hysteroscopy procedures daily, at very low cost.  The clinic staff members are active in training and involved in plenty of courses and workshops.

  • Colposcopy clinic

The colposcopy clinic is responsible for advanced screening and diagnosis of cervical and vaginal pathologies, including biopsies. Biannual and pre-congress workshops are done by its specialized staff members. The clinic works 3 days a week 

  • Family planning and contraception clinic

The clinic provides all kinds of services related to family planning counseling and contraception. All types of contraception are available at very low cost and sponsored by the government. The clinic has recently been renovated and services upgraded, in collaboration with the population sector of the Ministry of Health and UNFPA

  • Gender based violence (GBV) clinic

Established in December 2020, in collaboration with the National Council for Women and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), this highly specialized clinic targets women subjected to all forms of violence based on gender. It aims at providing primary medical and psychologic care, legal support and referral to responsibleauthorities according to their needs. The clinic works in a multidisciplinary manner with the psychiatry, forensic and family medicine departments.

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