Mission & Vision

Our vision To be one of the internationally recognized authorities in obstetrics and gynecology, a national and regional leader in education , research and clinical practice and a reference standard for the further innovation in the field Our mission Propose and provide high standard academic educational programs, clinical skills training and world class research In obstetrics…


The school of medicine was inaugurated in 1827 as a 6-year study program in assembly of the Paris Medical School. The French doctor, Clot Bey, served as the president of the school. In 1837, the School of Medicine was moved from the Abou Zaabal suburb of Cairo to Garden City in 1837. This new site was preferred…

IVF Diploma

This is a professional diploma in ART (assisted reproduction technology), started in September 2018, it provides knowledge, skills and hand-on training required for agynecologist to be specialized in IVF. The diploma is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities, and recognized by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate. This section provides the course specification and blueprint for this diploma. 

Materno-fetal Ultrasound Diploma

This is a professional diploma, started in September 2017. It provides knowledge, skills and hand-on training required for an obstetrician to be specialized in ultrasound. The diploma is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities, and recognized by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate.

Undergraduate Education

This section is targeting the undergraduate students, whether currently in the fifth year, or later, the fourth year (Main stream and IPKA). OBGYN teaching is now clinically-oriented and student centered, to prepare a competent general practitioner for practicing safe medicine, and fulfilling the requirements of the national and international communities. The website includes, theoretical lectures, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) lectures, in addition to clinical lectures for history taking, OSCE (objective structured clinical…