2021 Congress

What is new this year Hybrid Model Congress: we offer a mixed model congress combining high attendance and combined with virtual attendance of all halls with online registration High-quality program: As one of the only large OBGYN conferences happening this year, we have 20 world experts presenting in our HYBRID Model Congress  On-demand: The recordings of talks will…

Abstract format and submission

NAGUIB MAHFOUZ MEDAL  The Naguib Mahfouz Pasha medal is awarded to a nominated scientist for his/her input in Obstetrics & Gynecology specialty every year The previously nominated scientists were: 1- Professor Kypros Nicolaides, March 2018 2- Professor Mohamed Aboulghar, March 2019 3- Porfessor Mahmoud Fathalla, October 2020

Digital Library

Prof Ahmed Shafeek library was renovated in November 2020,  becoming a digital library connected to the central digital library and EKB (Egyptian Knowledge Bank), providing free-access to up-to-date journals and medical sites. It also includes antique textbooks and very precious historical OBGYN and medical books and thesis.

Neonatal Unit NICU

Serving the emergency unit, in fact considered part of it, the hospital has a large very well established and equipped NICU including 54 incubators and 16 intermediate care radiant warmers.