Digital Library

Prof Ahmed Shafeek library was renovated in November 2020,  becoming a digital library connected to the central digital library and EKB (Egyptian Knowledge Bank), providing free-access to up-to-date journals and medical sites. It also includes antique textbooks and very precious historical OBGYN and medical books and thesis.

Neonatal Unit NICU

Serving the emergency unit, in fact considered part of it, the hospital has a large very well established and equipped NICU including 54 incubators and 16 intermediate care radiant warmers.

Gender based violence

Established in December 2020, in collaboration with the National Council for Women and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), this highly specialized clinic targets women subjected to all forms of violence based on gender. It aims at providing primary medical and psychologic care, legal support and referral to responsibleauthorities according to their needs. The clinic works in…


Virtual Endoscopy Simulation and Skills Acquisition Lab at Kasr AlAiny Launched in March 2020, this is the first institutional fully integrated surgical endoscopic simulation center in Egypt, aiming to train on endoscopic procedures and acquire skills without inflicting harm on patients. The lab is active in organizing laparoscopic and hysteroscopic training courses and workshops for postgraduate students.

Naguib Mahfouz Museum

In 2018, the old neglected Naguib Mahfouz museum was totally renovated. The hundreds of specimens collected over the years by Naguib Pasha Mahfouz, and later others, were properly restored and exposed in a one of a kind teratology museum. The museum also exposes his rare hand drawn operative details, and antique equipment and instruments used during this era. The…

Outpatient Clinics

The 3 story outpatient building is one of the largest specialized outpatient clinics in kasrAlainy. In 2019 it received approximately 87,000 patients, and admitted approximately 14,000 patients to the inpatient units. It has 5 obstetrics clinics, 2 gynecology clinics with 5 examination beds, family planning clinic and a high risk pregnancy clinic. It also offers daily…

Obsterics & Gynecology Units

The 6 general inpatient units in the hospital include 250 beds. They provide medical and surgical services for patients complaining of different gynecologic or obstetric diseases.Although they provide general surgical and medical services, 3 of these units are further subspecialized in endoscopic surgery, gynecologic oncology and urogynecology. These units are run by residents, clinical demonstrators and staff members (lecturers, associate professors and professors), and the medical…

IVF Unit

The assisted reproduction unit was established in 2010, and it carries out 40-50 cycles monthly, mostly difficult cases at reduced fees. It also runs many training course and workshops, and grants a professional certified diploma in assisted reproduction.

Maternal-Fetal medicine Unit

The maternal-fetal medicine unit is one that we’re proud of. This unit is very active in training and running courses and workshops all year round and is run by a group of international highly professional professors who are always invited as international speakers, with lots of international publications, and collaborative research with international bodies. This…